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It just goes to show you...

...that in my world these days, I never know what's going on! I woke up super early yesterday, got online to get my homework underway for the final week of the New Testament course (which I am loving, but it is just too much stuff crammed into too little time -- the final week involves creating a 15-slide power point presentation, complete with presenter's notes, on the Apostle Peter -- not one of my favorite Apostles, for some reason. Then I also have to create a power point presentation on the Book of James (my favorite book in the NT, King James Version only), Jude, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Revelations plus write some papers and read about 100 pages in the textbook. Just a ridiculous amount of work when you are also working, writing, editing, and one of your 11 cats is declining daily from cancer, right? Sorry about this long-winded parenthetical. Allow me to extricate myself from it.)

So, I got online early to get the final week underway, only to discover that I am on VACATION this whole week! Loyal readers of this lofty (but now rather sporadic) blog, will no doubt recall that the entire time that I have been back in school, I never, ever have any clue when I am on vacation.

Clearly, the trend continues.

But, boy, is it nice to have a little break. Of course, since I didn't know the break was coming, I am just as heavily scheduled in every other area of my life as always, so I am not really "on vacation," but at least I don't have a ton of schoolwork to do every single day and all weekend long. Whew.

The next course in line is: MATH. That should prove interesting. The other day, I took that really cool quiz on the Christian Science Monitor, and discovered that I likely would not have been admitted into High School in 1912. Mostly because of bad math skills and, curiously enough, bad English skills!! (If you'd been counting on hiring me as an editor for your next very important textual project, you are likely now scrambling through your Rolodex, in search of the next best editress!)

(But seriously, if you are interested in this sort of thing, there is an online instant grammar-checker, called Grammarly. You can copy and paste a block, even a very large block, of questionable text into it and it spits back at you in perfect grammar, explaining where the trouble-spots lay. This is very helpful if you, like me, were not able to get into High School in 1912 due to bad English skills. However, you can only use it free for 7 days, then you have to sign-up for it. I don't know how much it costs.)

Last evening, due to my being homework free, I actually had a fun email exchange with Kevin, my screenwriting co-writer in Brooklyn who is half my age, although for some reason, you would never know it. I think it has something to do with my having passed on that idea of ever growing up... Anyway, he sent me a link to a FANTASTIC Klaus Nomi video on YouTube (wait for the chorus; it's brilliant. It's an old rock & roll song from the 60s.).

Then I sent him some links to a few Nina Hagen videos -- songs that I used to love like crazy, back in the years when I had a fantastic life. Songs like Smack Jack, UFO, and Cosma Shiva -- all from her incredible 1982 album, NunSexMonkRock. (If you are unfamiliar with these songs, you should take a moment to check them out. They made women differently back in that brief shining moment before all this unfathomable political correctness & PR mediocrity of today...) Yes, almost everyone I knew back then, male and female, were basically addicted to heroin, or coke, or alcohol, and/or sex, and I hate to have to tell you this, but we were having a weirdly fantastic time! This was back when pop music was still made by living humans who all played actual instruments and when almost everybody could still afford to live in Manhattan...

Here's an unexpected segue...

Did you catch the new summer movie on Disney Channel this summer??? Teen Beach Movie! I fucking loved it. I watched it three times. It was so funny. And the songs were great and the dancing was off-the-charts FUN. It is an homage to the Frankie Avalon- Annette Funicello beach movies of the early 1960s -- but with a great spin. I am a huge fan of those movies, too, which no doubt does not surprise you.

Okay. I am torn between leaving you with this incredibly cute photo of the latest cat toy that the cats totally LOVE (as evidenced by the extreme degree of love they have shown in it under 2 weeks)....


This great clip from Teen Beach Movie!! (Come on, let down your hair and watch it. It only lasts about 3 fun minutes...)

Now, was that so difficult??? Okay, have a great Wednesday and thanks for visiting, gang!! See ya!!

Yesterday was refreshing

And today is really beautiful. Just beautiful. Breezy, cool, blue sky, quiet. A thoroughly serene morning out in my backyard. It was a wonderful start to a brave, new day.

I was supposed to do an editing job for a client all afternoon, but it got cancelled. So, you know what this means, right? I have an ENTIRE day off.

Well, that doesn't count the 80 pages of reading I have to do in my textbook today about Paul's epistles. We are getting into that area of the "disputed" epistles -- the ones that are thought not to have really been written by Paul. And I have to say, that now that I've been studying them to even the small degree I have, I can suddenly see that these disputed ones seem to be glaringly not written by Paul. But who really knows? (I have taken 3 DVD courses now taught by Bart Erhman, and once you have been exposed to him, you can never see Christianity in the same way again, ever -- even if you are in a traditional Christian university, studying for the ministry.) (Hence my choosing to be ordained in the Open Ministry.)

Anyway... I have really wandered far afield from the title of today's post. Yesterday was refreshing, because I had a lengthy phonec hat (A "phonec hat" is a new kind of "phone chat" wherein you wear high-tech headgear that provides complete privacy while you chat, sort of like Get Smart's cone of silence from days of yore...) Okay, okay. I had a phone chat with a woman from a new cat rescue organization who is seriously trying to help me re-locate the entire rescued family to a high quality feral sanctuary a few hours from here. She has a couple different leads. She also explained to me that my 8 cats have formed their own colony now and will probably have to be re-located as a group.

I will be heartbroken to see them go because Tom, Huckleberry, and Becky and all their many kittens, have been a huge part of my life for over a year now, but it will also be refreshing to have my life back -- just in time for my move to a new house. Plus, I believe they will be happier someplace where they can still be together but have complete access to the outdoors if they want it. I will have to steel my heart against the sorrow of telling them all goodbye. The cat rescue lady said that they can transport the cats for me, if it will make it easier when the time comes. I just don't know. In 1966, my parents took us to see the movie, Born Free, and I sobbed like crazy when they had to set Elsa free in the wilds... Naturally, I sing the movie's theme song to the cats all the time now. Bittersweet for me, but they don't seem at all fazed by it.

Meanwhile, today, here & now, life is beautiful and we are all still here, together -- eleven of us; albeit, one dying from cancer. But we are still here. Kiss the joy as it passes, as they say.

[A lengthy but lovely orchestral arrangement of the song, "Born Free."]

Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart

Live free and beauty surrounds you
The world still astounds you
Each time you look at a star

Stay free where no walls divide you
You're free as the roaring tide
So there's no need to hide

Born free and life is worth living
But only worth living
'Cause you're born free

(c- Don Black/John Barry)

Life Goes On

You know, it's been an eventful month, but a really difficult one. The thought of posting here doesn't even register in my consciousness most days, because I am just so overwhelmingly busy.

Well, right now, actually, there is a tiny bit of breathing room. And so here I am.

My boy-cat, Buster, continues to decline daily. He is a trooper and still very engaged with "being here" but I don't think he will last long. He is basically a furry skeleton now, with an enormous tumor in his abdomen. He has an enormous appetite, so that's good, but he does pretty much wake me around the clock to be fed now. So, on top of everything else that's exhausting me, the lack of sleep is exhausting me, too. But every day that he's still here is a day that he's still here, so I try to make the most of that. I will have the rest of my life without him to sleep.

As far as the rescued cats & kittens... a total of 2 have been officially adopted, and a total of 3 others were officially un-adopted, so I still have 8 cats living downstairs in my family room, sun room, and basement. But there is a possible adoption looming on the near horizon for the last of the male kittens. We'll see. They are all adorable, happy, healthy -- and apparently quite content to stay put right here! I have one lone cat rescue agency that is still working with me to try to find them suitable living spaces -- all the other rescue places have given up. But we shall see. If God, the Universe, and Everything has decided they are going to stay here and be semi-feral, then I guess I just have to adapt and get on with life.

Some of the good news... I made the Dean's List for the 2012-2013 academic year. That was a great feeling. I have worked really, really hard but I love what I'm studying, which makes all the hard work a bit easier. However, right now I am studying the New Testament. Yes, that's right: the entire New Testament in 5 weeks. The amount of reading is off the charts. Then there are endless PowerPoint presentations to create. If I didn't have a trillion other things to do at the same time, I would love to just hang out and create PowrPoint presentations. But, as it stands, well... Let's just say that yesterday, I spent 8 hours creating a PowerPoint presentation on 6 of Paul's epistles. I really, really love Paul's epistles. But you know, it was Sunday. I wanted to chill and do nothing. Oh well. A few years from now, I will look back wistfully on my wee bonny schooldays and recall with fondness that summer Sunday afternoon where all I had to do was spend 8 hours creating a PowerPoint presentation on 6 of the epistles of Paul...

Isn't it funny how even the really endless and stressful days can seem blithe and wistful in hindsight?

Well, maybe it's just me.

On the writing front... My screenplay, Tell My Bones: The Helen LaFrance Story did reasonably well in the Nicholl Fellowship competition. (The one sponsored by the Academy Awards.) Over 7000 screenplays were entered this year, and mine placed better than 5000 of them, but it didn't score high enough with judges to make it into the semi-finals.

My original TV pilot, Cleveland's Burning, made it to the semi-finals of the Industry Insider Television Competition, but did not score high enough to make the finals. Still, I managed to write a killer pilot in 4 weeks, which was an incredible feeling.

I am still hard at work with Kevin, my co-writer in Brooklyn. We are adapting a screenplay for the tween market and it is going great. But we still won't be finished with the first draft until October. We only get to Skype about once a week, so it's taking forever.

Well, between endlessly cleaning, and feeding cats, and editing for others, and trying to fit in yoga, and once in a blue moon (which we will have one of tomorrow night, gang!) getting out to a movie with friends or relatives, I have no time for dating. So I guess it's good that I can't find anybody I want to date. Besides, starting any day now, I will begin actually looking at houses that I might want to buy & move into this winter. So, really, how on earth could I possibly fit a date in anyway? But I do wistfully and blithely remember those long ago days when I had a life...

Okay, I hope everybody has been having a good summer. Assuming I get another chance to breathe anytime soon, I will be back!! Meanwhile, I leave you with a recent photo. As usual, I take a lousy photo, but also -- just try to imagine that there were actually 7 other cats in this house at the time that weren't in this photo... The little guy front & center got adopted last week!

All right, thanks for visiting, gang!! Meow, meow!

Just when you think....

that life is finally getting back to normal -- in the last few weeks, I've had 9 cats spayed or neutered, had them micro-chipped and treated for fleas and ear mites, had them de-wormed, tested for feline leukemia, got them distemper shots and rabies vaccines, and had 11 sick cats, 6 of whom were on oral antibiotics for 2 weeks -- and as of this past Friday, all that was behind me and all the cats and kittens were/are finally ready for adoption...

I found out yesterday that my beloved Buster has cancer and is only likely to live a few more weeks.

He is 11 years old now. I adopted him and his sister, Bunny, back when I lived in New York City. I'm guessing I don't have to write about how this is making me feel. So incredibly sad. But I am committed to focusing on the joy of having him hear for as long as possible. Not spending the remaining weeks crying or freaking out. Just let him have his rhythm, you know?

On a brighter note, that TV Pilot proposal I turned in a few weeks back made it to the semi-finals. I now have until August 11th to write the actual pilot. I am very excited, gang.  But of course, a bit stressed. I am still in school full-time. And so far getting A's in "Marriage and Family Counseling." The other day, I opted to get ordained in the Open Ministry -- non-denominational. Rather than wait and get ordained in an evnagelical denomination that I would have to change at some point, anyway. I still have several years to go before I get my degree, but once I register my ordination, I will be able to perform wedding ceremonies, officiate at funerals, give counseling, and start preaching in my own church...

I'll keep you posted regarding worship times and location!!!

Meanwhile, here's my boy back in 2012.

The Lone Ranger & other stuff

Yes, I know, I haven't been posting here for ages. I will tell you why:  After I was able to trap the Beckster (see below) and get him neutered, it became apparent that he caught a virus at the hospital and within in days, I had 8 (EIGHT -- !!!!!) sick cats in my house. One of the kittens got so sick that he had to be taken to the emergency animal hospital and then quarantined in my room for 4 days. My life has been totally, utterly, and completely HAYWIRE.

But now we are all on the mend, at last. And some of us are even getting adopted! Finally! Jeepers. What an experience this all has been.

But onward to my lofty opinion of The Lone Ranger -- I saw it yesterday with my stalwart cousin. I will be going to see it again with another one of my friends. But my opinion for now is that: a.) it is really long; and b.) it is really violent. If Walt Disney weren't off having his brain frozen somewhere, he'd probably turn over in his crematory crypt.  It was hard for me to fathom that Disney would produce a movie that was just so violent. I mean, violent in the sense of its being a western. But the violence went above and beyond what was called for if you are going to see a movie made by Disney (as opposed to, say, a western by Clint Eastwood). I was actually appalled by the amount of violence that was in it.

That said, though, the story was interesting and the plot was sort of follow-able -- the very best part was near the end when the Lone Ranger finally embodied his lone ranger-ness and went galloping across the tops of locomotives on his horse, Silver, while the William Tell Overture played really loud & brilliantly. But you do have to sit through about two hours of intense violence to get to that brilliant crescendo.

The acting is really good. I don't know that I've ever seen Armie Hammer in anything before, but he was very engaging as the (man who doesn't want to be) the Lone Ranger.  William Fichtner was fantastic. I always like him in everything he does. Helena Bonham Carter made the most out of some red lipstick, but really she is too good an actress for so inconsequential a role.  Johnny Depp was very good, very droll, very watchable -- and I am not just saying that because, well, because you know why I am likely to say that. Something about my not being able to be wholly impartial when it comes to the Deppster...

I will say that I really, really wish he would make smaller, more meaningful, more thoughtful films again.  But that catchy saying about "when pigs fly" springs immediately to mind. It saddens me, but I also know it is reality. I am just really grateful that I am old enough to have seen every single solitary film Johnny Depp ever made (ever made) and I got to experience first hand, in a movie theater, on a big screen, how unexpectedly remarkable and jaw-dropping he was before any of us knew what to expect. Some of his early performances changed the course of my life. They really did. But now, of course, he is the most famous movie star in the world.

I will say go see The Lone Ranger if you like fast-moving adventures that are larger than life and also amusing -- if you are okay with violent westerns. 

And on that note, I'm going to get off-line and go enjoy a very festive 4th of July!! Happy Independence Day to all my loyal readers who are State-side. And I promise that as soon as life gets back to normal around here, I will write more regularly. Thanks for visiting!! See ya!!

Saturday morning Pop Quiz!!!

OMG!  What's wrong with this picture????!!

The one and only correct answer is: It's missing ELEVEN other CATS!!! (Never fear, they are still downstairs...)

You know, since I last wrote, life went on one hellish roller coaster ride. I somehow managed to turn in all the remaining assignments for that class I hated (and I'm managing to get an A in it, which is truly remarkable since three times I thought I had made up my mind to simply give up and fail it), and I began a new class that I'm loving but the homework load is through the roof.  I also managed to finish the TV pilot proposal and I just now turned it in -- with today being the absolute most final-est deadline. I tried and failed three times to sedate Beck and take him to the vet that way, so I had to rely on cat rescuers to allegedly trap him and get him neutered that way, but what really happened is that I had to trap him myself and transport his indescribably upset, wild-animal self to the shelter surgery place clear across town because the rescue people were short-staffed and did not show up!

Here is a key piece of information the cat rescuers FORGOT to tell me when they encouraged me to trap Beck myself. I share it with you now in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation, meaning, you've trapped a feral cat in a humane trap in a narrow hallway and he has reverted to being a wild animal and will attack you through the cage the moment you try to get past him (he will shred your legs, basically, since you foolishly are still in your summer nightgown) so you are now trapped in your own basement in a heatwave at 7 in the morning, frantically texting someone/ANYONE from the cat rescue place to tell you what to do.

Okay, here's what you do: the minute the cat is in the trap, throw a sheet over the entire trap. Do it the moment you've trapped the cat. The cat INSTANTLY calms down and everyone is fine! I urge you to learn from my humble mistake my fellow cat lovers. All jokes aside, it was a really frightening experience for both him and me.

Okay. The good news, though, it that the Beck-ster is fixed and back to his sweet, wonderful self and is no longer a threat to the other female cats. But I do still need to get 9 other cats fixed. Luckily, I applied through the Cat Welfare agency for vouchers to get the rest of them spayed/neutered, rabies/distemper shots, checked for mites and worms -- all for only $10 per cat. Thank you, God!!!!

However, that said, the kittens keep getting bigger and less adoptable by the day, so I have turned the whole thing over to God and the Universe. Somehow, someway, these kittens are going to find loving homes. (A home that is not owned by me, that is.)


Last night was just awesome, gang. It was simply a beautiful evening. Cool temperatures, a perfectly clear sky. I went with some ladies from my church to a banquet down at my school. My school is about an hour from here, in a very small town in the middle of miles of farmland. (The university I attend is affiliated with my church. Wait, that actually is reversed. The church is affiliated with the school.)

It was the annual banquet for the Evangelical Christian Ladies. Apparently, I am one; and I learned last evening that I am a member of the West-Central district. I had no idea what to expect. I kept thinking of Dana Carvey's "church lady" from the SNL skits of the 1980s. But nothing could have been further from that. 400 women were there, and even though 90% of them were in their 70s and 80s, it was quite a dynamic evening.

The main speaker was a pastor from northern Ohio, a woman in her late 50s, named Brenda Mason Young, and she knocked my socks off, gang. What an incredibly gifted speaker she was. (The link takes you to a book she co-wrote with her brother, but she has her own book coming out in December.) She spoke about the need to live a significant life over a merely successful one; how a successful life is lived for ourselves but a significant life is lived for the sake of others and therefore winds up outliving your lifetime. She spoke about how we need to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world: salt and light. Add flavor to the lives of others, stop the decaying situations around you. Be a light to the darkness of others, help them to see the way to their own light. And you do this by letting go of your own plans and let God tell your story instead.

If you object to the word "God," or find it outdated, etc., you can easily transpose this to the Religious Science teachings, or the Seth teachings, and the Abraham-Hicks teachings of Law of Attraction. In short, it is the Art of Allowing in whatever words you want to use to make you feel most comfortable. Stop resisting; begin the process of allowing. It has made unbelievable changes in my life, gang, and I mean that very seriously. But Brenda's talk last night was sort of the epitome of things I have already learned about elsewhere.

Stop doing and start being. Just be the essence of who you are. Stop struggling to try to make things happen. Once you get the hang of this, it is uncanny how life really just pours into you and over you and through you. Joy becomes constant, and so does inner peace.

I felt this while I was dealing with Beck. The moment I stopped trying to control the situation and allow it to be what it was, I suddenly found the strength and courage to deal with a trapped wild animal and put him in the trunk of my car... I think it helped that I was also singing that hymn to him, Softly and Tenderly. No lie, all the cats love that hymn. Anyway, from the moment I surrendered in that situation, life turned around instantly and now I am in this whole other place regarding all these cats, plus I am able to sleep at night again.

But there are of course other reasons to "stop doing and start being" that don't involve cats at all. But they all involve allowing some sort of higher power -- God, the Universe, Source-- to tell its own story for you and you allow your self to just be it. Be that story that is you. Stop the struggle. Be the salt and the light. Live a significant life for the sake of others and stop worrying about success, in whatever guise success entices you. It was such an uplifting speech, gang.

On the ride home, it was dusk. A star here and there came out in that wide expanse of a perfectly clear sky. The fireflies were blinking like mad in the dark cornfields and in among the trees. It was just a blissful evening. And I thought quietly to myself about how fleeting life is. The three other women in the car with me, the "church ladies," were all in their 80s. I will be their age in the wink of an eye, and by then (30 years from now) they will each have been gone from here for a very long time. But I will most likely remember that evening -- that ride in the car with them, all of us feeling so inspired -- forever.

You know, I have achieved a lot of dreams, gang. I honestly have. Like most people, I have felt that the dreams I achieved felt a little empty. I am still longing to live the story God has planned for me. I am hoping it involves fewer cats, but other than that, I am open to just being in that story, however it unfolds. As always, I will keep you posted!

Okay. Gotta Skype with my writing partner here in about 14 seconds, so I gotta scoot. Have a great Saturday, gang, wherever you are!! Thanks for visiting. See ya!

Happy 50th Johnny Depp!

Life goes hurtling past...

I cannot believe the dashing pace at which life flings itself past me these days. It is simply unbelievable. And by "dashing," I don't mean to imply "incredibly attractive," as in "Cary Grant." I mean that time has sped up beyond belief.

I really, really, REALLY want the current class I am taking in school to be OVER. Only 5 more days. But those 5 days are jam-crammed with homework assignments that appeal to me in no way whatsoever. I am also currently under contract for a very cool editing job, which is taking up what little free hours I once had. Plus, I am trying to spend more hands-on time with the kittens, since they are soon going to be going off into the world and I want them to be comfortable with people so that they can get a good home. There are two kittens -- one of Huck's and one of Tom's-- that I am worried are simply going to be feral. It remains very difficult to actually touch them. They will play with me, but they hate being touched. The others will put up with it -- they don't scratch or hiss, or squirm to get away. So I feel like they are on a good course to their "forever" homes.

I am also trying to get the Beck-ster (the daddy of all these kittens) to the vet to get him neutered this week. Monday was a washout, today was a little better -- at least he got some of the sedative when he ate part of his food. I am hoping that Friday will be the charm. In anticipation of it, I am dashing off to Target sometime today to pick up a softer, larger, more durable cat carrier for him. I'm thinking that I'm asking for trouble if I do manage to get him into the metal cat crate. A softer zip-up type thing will probably make him feel more protected... and be much easier for me to carry. The Beck-ster is a big (beautiful) cat.

Meanwhile. Yes, there is a life without cats. I barely remember it. Haven't seen it in light years, it seems. But I know it still exists out there for me. Somewhere.

Oh, I went with a friend Monday evening to David Sedaris's book signing downtown. What a perfect evening and what a great time it was. If you listen to him on NPR (who has time to listen to the radio, I'd like to know???), you know how funny he is. As he is getting older, his work remains funny but it has also developed quite an introspective depth that wasn't really a part of his earlier humor.

Here are things I wish I had time for:

Listening to the radio, be it satellite or any other way.
Reading. Just reading for pleasure, not for work. On my nightstand right now, are several Religious Scientist books, along with Blake Snyder's book on writing screenplays, Save the Cat. Rabkin's Writing the Pilot. And Michael Hauge's Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds. On the floor next to the bed, are two issues of The Hollywood Reporter and the current issue of The New Yorker, and an older issue of Rolling Stone that has the Rolling Stones on the cover. I think that two other issues have come out since that one. (I am trying to get to all this stuff.) On my desk, is a mile-high stack of textbooks. Next to that, is a smaller stack of books that people I know have written recently and upon which  they'd like my feedback...

Okay. Well, one day I hope to have time to just sit and read whatever makes me feel good. Stuff that I'm under no time constraint to "get to." Just leisure reading. How do people find time for that?

I would also love a chance to even see one time some of these TV shows on cable that are supposed to be fantastic. Honestly, who has time to watch TV?? I watch Mad Men every week because I am devoted to that show and cannot imagine missing an episode, but nowadays, I DVR it and watch it the next morning, or the following day, even.

So, one of these days, I'd like to just be able to watch TV. Lie back in a recliner that no cats have pissed on and simply watch TV. Maybe even channel surf.

But meanwhile, life zips past. And I now have to get the heck out of here or I will be late for my first client. Check out the current action down in the family room. One day, that's going to be me, gang!!

Okay, see ya. thanks for visiting!!

Well, it should at least be interesting...

I am in no way a huge fan of any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies beyond the first one, which I thought was fantastically fun and I've probably seen that one twenty times. That said, I still go see the POTC movies because: a.) I keep misguidedly thinking they are going to somehow be as good as the first one was; and b.) I am constitutionally incapable of not giving Johnny Depp all the money I have.

And with that said... Disney announced yesterday that they have indeed secured directors for Pirates of the Caribbean 5,072. (Or, no, wait -- I think we're just on number 5. It only feels like 5,072.) I have to say, though, I am intrigued! The directors are Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, of Kon-Tiki fame! Well -- yay!!

Jeff Nathanson is apparently writing the sequel, so that is promising, too. (He scribed Catch Me If You Can, which I loved.) (He wrote a ton of other huge movies, too, I'm just saying that I particularly loved that one.)

So I guess we'll just have to see, won't we?

On a somber note...

Huckleberry's kittens will be leaving us any day now -- off to their new Forever homes. Tommy's kittens will still be around for another week. They aren't quite as mature as Huckleberry's kittens are. I am trying not to think about it. I just spend as much time with them as I can and trust that God is going to look out for them and give them all the best possible lives.

What an adventure this has been, though. As soon as all the kittens are gone, Huckleberry, Tom and Becky get sedated and go off on their own little adventure to the vet. Finally. I am looking forward to their being sedated for that brief time because I will finally be able to hold each one of them in my arms. And that'll probably be the last time I'll get to hold them for about ten years...

Okey dokey!! Cheer up!! Things here are going pretty good. I am almost done with my TV Pilot proposal. I might even finish it a fraction of a second before the deadline. Awesome. (And so unlike me!)  I am still in school, of course. Struggling through Oral Communications, which ends next week. I CANNOT WAIT. I don't like this course at all. It is way too time-consuming and I basically just don't like the course. I am also getting more active in the church, now that the Pastor and the Pastor's wife and the Ladies of the church know that I am studying for the ministry. (I am going to be helping out with the Youth Ministry, and I am also now on the "Call" list, which means when anyone needs to be prayed for, I am on the list of women who gets called. i.e., "We need you to pray for so-and-so because he's getting surgery right now." That kind of thing. Drop everything and pray, baby.) So my life, as usual, is insane. But I'm loving it.

A friend sent me a link to a very interesting/disturbing documentary on Socialism and Communism in America. You can view it here. It's about an hour and a half of your time. There is also a somewhat disturbing piece on the politics of Silicon Valley in last week's New Yorker. Each taken separately, or mash the two things up -- either way, you get a really unpleasant picture of America today.

Yes, I'm crotchety and old. I miss my wee bonny girlhood....

But I'll get over it. Thanks for visiting, gang!!See ya real soon.

Blessed with more cute-ness than you can possibly imagine!

Yesterday was seriously one heck of a Pleasant Valley Sunday around here. It was the most perfect Sunday in suburbia that you can possibly imagine. Sunny, light breeze, mid-70s, my whole yard was in bloom; everyone around was enjoying the holiday and the promise of summer vacation just around the corner.

I had a very small cookout here yesterday evening, in honor of the holiday. It went flawlessly. For the first time EVER I actually put enough charcoals in the grill to cook something, and for the first time EVER, the charcoals actually became those perfect burning red coals that you long to see when you are hoping to actually cook something for other people on your charcoal grill. Honestly, it could not have been more perfect. The food was great, the weather was ideal, the conversation was really good/funny. The yard was in bloom. The many birds were out at the bird feeder and in the bird bath; the many squirrels were scampering hither and yon; the chipmunks put in an appearance; and of course the kittens were right there next to us in the sun room with Tommy. Just when you think you're surrounded by all the cute-ness you can possibly handle....

OMG, out onto the grass came a merrily hopping rabbit (mommy), followed by another merrily hopping rabbit (daddy), AND -- you guessed it!! -- BABY BUNNIES!!!!!

Holy moly. Too freakin' cute. I could not believe my eyes.  And except for the sudden trip to the emergency room, which lasted two hours (a severe pollen attack overtook my guest at the end of the evening), it really was just perfect all the way around. Yes, except for that pesky trip to the hospital... however, I managed to make good use of my time in the waiting room by reading last week's issue of the New Yorker from cover to cover, and I certainly wasn't expecting to have any free time whatsoever to read that. So that was pretty cool. And when we came back to the house, I discovered that my house mate, who hadn't even been at the cookout, had cleaned up everything for me -- brought everything inside from where I had left it all helter skelter, and washed all the dishes for me. What a blessing.

Below is a picture of the center piece that was on the picnic table last night. Flowers from my garden. This is a scratch 'n sniff photo, so if you scratch your computer screen, you'll be able to small the heady aroma of these peonies and old roses!! So bittersweet to think this is their final summer, isn't it, gang?

(Just scratch your computer screen right there on one of the blossoms. Can you smell it? No? Scratch harder...any better? No? Hmm. Not sure what's up with that. Maybe you need to call the Geek Squad to come out and fix your monitor because it's working just fine on my end...) OKAY, happy Memorial Day, gang, wherever you are!! Thanks for visiting! See ya.