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From Carol Queen and the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco:

Hi friends! Are you crazy busy? You will be soon -- it's Valentine's month, and sex and intimacy are busting out all over, at the Center for Sex & Culture and everywhere else in town. (And if there's too much of the latter for your taste, you'll want to scroll down to My Sucky Valentine -- the 13th time we've worked up a really bad attitude about romance!) There's a lot here... I think I managed to get it in chronological order this time. 

There's still space for you in Dossie Easton and Barbara Carrellas's Transformative Tantra class -- and don't forget our other great events this week, Cunts for Fags (Wednesday) and the Sex for America bookparty (Thursday). On Sunday evening we'll host a journalist who is interested in writing comprehensive profiles about sex workers; she'll talk about her research and interested people can meet her if they want to arrange interviews.

And we have a very, very special event coming up in two weeks -- Aussie sex-positive activist Fiona Patten visits for an early-evening soiree, "Eros in Australia: Fighting for Sexual Rights Down Under." Fiona will be joined by our very own Kat Sunlove.

And here's some exciting news from Robert:

"Hello  to all you video fans and shutterbugs -- CSC is planning to resume our erotic photography series from a couple of years ago and we are now initiating an erotic photoclub with monthly workshops led by professional  photographers. These subscription workshops will feature both amateur and professional models paid by arrangement with the presenting photographer, event attendees and CSC. The CSC Photoclub will provide a venue with a yearly juried show held in the Fall, judged by a panel of nationally acclaimed experts to be announced this Spring. Club membership is to be opened for application in February 2008.

"In addition, we are considering starting a meeting and support group for clients of sexworkers." More info on both soon!

By the way, if you come to CSC events on evenings and weekends, there's fairly inexpensive parking at a lot close by -- at 10th and Jessie (enter on 10th between Market and Mission). the last we checked, evening parking was only $5.00. Of course, we are very well-served by public transit, being only a couple of blocks from Market and Van Ness.

Stay warm! And save the date for the Masturbate-a-Thon -- Sunday, May 25!
CQ and the CSC crew

Events with a *star are new to this newsletter.

In this edition:
Cunts for Fags -- 1/30
Sex for America (ed. Stephen Elliott) Bookparty -- 1/31
Transformative Tantra Intro Evening -- 2/1
Transformative Tantra: Transgressive, Transcendent, and Transgender -- 2/2 and 3
Tantra and Then Some playparty -- 2/2
Beyond Boogie Nights! Porn of Yesteryear -- 2/2
*Journalist Sex Worker Interview Info Evening -- 2/3
Advanced Nude Yogaplay for Men -- 2/4
*One Night Stand -- 2/7 and 2/9
*Intimate Wisdom: Bookparty with Karinna Kittles-Karsten -- 2/8
Eros in Australia: Fighting for Sexual Rights Down Under with Fiona Patten and Kat Sunlove -- 2/11
The SF Jacks -- 2/11 and 25
Playing with Male Orgasmic Energy -- 2/16 and 17
*Gay Porn for Everyone! 2/19
*Heron Saline on Erotic Hypnosis --  2/20
Erotic Reading Circle -- 2/27


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